The Battle Of Privacy Coins! Will XVG be the winner…

Battle Of Privacy Coins! Will XVG be the winner…

I don’t want you to concentrate on what privacy coins are but would like you to think on which one of the privacy coins in cryptomarket will be the winner!

Come 2018 and all the hopes of cryptomarket went down since Q1 represented the bearish market after the super-prolific run in Dec 2017. Most of the coins showed all-time high than the previous years and a few of them were already winners. The top 25 notable cryptocurrencies of 2017 can be divided according to their market capitalization.




If you are new and have just landed in the world of blockchain technology, it’s quite overwhelming to understand which is the right coin to invest in. And most important question is, Do these provide privacy?

As you can see the only recognized competitors for privacy based coins in 2017 were XMR(Monero), ZEC(Zcash), XZC(Zcoin) and DASH(DASH).

How is Verge better than other privacy coins?

While all these coins had their gains, the darkhorse in the cryptoworld was taking its own time in the evolution of coin which cast a base to attract a multi-billion dollar industry as a partner. I am talking none other than MindGeek. People have shown more interest in this project from the time it was launched in 2014. This coin has shown staggering growth from 0.000007 USD to all-time high of 0.3USD on 23rd Dec2017.

Verge is currently in top 30 coins as indicated by coinmarketcap. Here is the good comparison of privacy coins as shared by one of the verge community members.

There was a lot of hype on the verge telegram channel and Quora on who might be the potential partner. Those who were hoping for Amazon, PayPal and other eCommerce sites got disappointed because either they were expecting too much to happen at first place or maybe that these guys never supported porn. But this will not hurt any of XVG HODLers in the long run. I will take you to the price estimation soon…

Is Verge a real privacy coin?

Verge is a Cryptocurrency, built with a fork of Bitcoin but with an emphasis on privacy which uses anonymity-centric networks such as TOR and i2P to make sure the IP addresses of its users are obfuscated and the transactions are untraceable. So YES, it’s a privacy-oriented coin for users to make blockchain transactions without their financial details being exposed to the public.

Some authorities see privacy coins as an illegal base that can be used by criminals to engage in illegal activities, such as money laundering. Government authorities know about this Blockchain stuff and they have already played against this privacy based coins. In recent news, it was found that Japan is forcing exchanges to drop the privacy-focused coins.

The biggest advantage #XVG have on other privacy coins is its ability to turn off the privacy feature on the go.



If in the future the government authorities want privacy coins to be removed completely, XVG has its own feature named #WraithProtocol to turn off the privacy feature. This feature can be used by users or can be forced by developers in certain exchanges if they are required to. Just check the infographic to know how it works.


Wraith Protocol

 Upcoming Partnerships For Verge

In Future, the impact from the large-scale XVG partnership will be seen. Corey Price (Pornhub Vice President) feels that “The partnership with Verge is beneficial for both parties, not only is this an exciting announcement for us and the adult entertainment industry, it’s exciting for the crypto space.”

That was the beginning…..

After MindGeek partnership Verge got into other partnerships like Traffic junky (Most of the traffic to porn sites goes through this platform) and MoreFun (Mobile Gaming company in China)

Recently #TOKENPAY signed a deal with German bank WEG. This is positive news for verge as there are plans to provide traditional debit cards for bank account holders which will allow users to spend their XVG and TPAY in shops just as local currency.

There are indications of next big partner to be PAYPAL  which if true can change the course of the crypto.

The first ever meet up for Verge is being organized on 9th June 2018. This should bring more insights on what is happening behind the scenes and who would be the potential future partners.

I am sure this is the beginning of a great decade in crypto world.

Is this right time to buy Verge?

At the time of writing this post, the total Cryptocurrency Market cap is slightly under $400 Billion. The amount of money in cryptomarket is way less than compared to stock markets. Even if crypto started to get attention mostly in 2015-2016 it’s still a very nascent stage. What does this mean to you as an investor? Of course, you will make a fortune if you can hold for upcoming years. I would suggest you check this interview from Pantera CEO who suggest that we can have $40 trillion market cap in a decade…..

Since all the altcoins are dependent on PAPA  #Bitcoin…We are surely placed in for the great crypto future.

Verge is having the current value of $0.06 per coin which is still low as compared to other coins like XRP(Ripple) at $0.67. Ripple has the total supply of 39Billion coins and Verge has around 14Billion. If you are good in calculations, you should know that #XVG is still way undervalued with its use in a real world.

Price Prediction for XVG in 2018

Will XVG reach $1?

Will XVG reach $10?

Will XVG each $15? (Hmm…the famous/dubious tweet from John McAfee which helped XVG to reach new highs.)

These are the questions we came across every day on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Quora and Telegram channels are not to be ignored.

The first thing to know about any crypto prediction is you can’t exactly predict how much the cost of the particular coin would be in a year or two. But with XVG’s current development and partnerships, it’s surely on the move for something big…You should take learning from someone like him.

I am always the fan of long-term holdings and for those who have not yet invested in this project, they should reconsider their thinking and get on board without thinking twice.

I am not an expert “GURU” in trading but can suggest with following analysis that we are UP for something big


Cup And Handle Formation with Big W


The above chart is the perfect example of CUP and Handle Formation along with W. The lowest peak of W can go further down if the market shows more bearish signs.

To conclude, Enjoy this bearish market by buying as much as you can. I don’t see this low coming again.


Disclaimer: This is not a financial advice. I am not an investment adviser. Do, your own research before investing any money in cryptomarket. This is completely my opinion.


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